Moravian star as a staircase light

Christmas time is coming soon…

herrnhuter_treppenhauson this occasion I would like to show you a “life hack” that might inspire some people to try it. It is relatively simple and requires almost nothing, except:

  1. IKEA lamp see picture (original staircase light)img_20151207_232038
  2. Moravian star Ø 13 cm (new staircase light)img_20151207_232027

Simply pull off the glass ball and put the star over it – admittedly it’s a bit tricky, but with patience you can do it quickly. The clasps of the IKEA lamp that previously held the glass ball now hold the Moravian star. For all other lamps of a similar design, the original holder (the one around the bulb) should do the same.

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