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According to the title, you don’t have to say anything else, right? Well, maybe an explanation of what I’m aiming for with – “I don’t really know that myself”. No, of course I already have one or two thoughts about the development and current status of arteffekt.

For one thing, I would like to share my knowledge with a “few” posts in order to help where things might get stuck. As you can see, I don’t limit myself to categories here either, well that’s not true – uh – I do n’t limit myself to just one category. In other words, you can also ask me about this and that, and since the blog / site is still relatively young, this can only be the beginning.

I would like to continue to offer this to others in accordance with my abilities (services) in the future in order to be able to help one or the other here as well. That, I call it a project, starts as a part-time job and means, conversely, that time will be my strongest opponent. Whether it has to be like this forever is not entirely in my hands 😉

So welcome to my new project – “arteffekt” – and as the big Pumuckl said

“that rhymes and what rhymes is always good”