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This is my personal "test page"

Since I like to tinker and as a media designer and craftsman I always want to optimize something, this is my personal “test” page. I deliberately exclude the test, since the content listed here is also true, i.e. the stories listed as long as there is no Latin filler text, pictures and portfolios are mine.


Everything that comes to mind can be found in the relevant categories, so in the blog there are stories like construction sites, so crafts, in the portfolio things I'm good at and in the shop there are things to buy.

from my heart

All the ideas, tricks and tricks come up, but also things that move me, for example it can always be that a trainer, motivator or teacher or educator has a say here.


The why - I once heard a nice saying that said - "If no one is listening to me, then I have to write it down" and that's how I see it. So here the blog.

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